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Big Checks, Oversized Presentation Checks for Awards - Reuseable Dry Erase and Single-Use

Oversized checks
See Pricing and New Options

Oversized Checks - spread the knowlege of good deeds.  

Get that Photo Opportunity!

A Big Check is Perfect for Sales Promotions, Donations, Scholarships and Presentations.Oversized Checks

Acknowledge donations and give visibility to cash gifts. Get the publicity your organization deserves for its good deeds and fundraising efforts!Big check proof They are the perfect advertising tool for fund raising events and award celebrations, including charities, church fund raising, political campaign fund raising, a business grand opening, corporate awards, contest winner awards, golf tournament sponsorships, lottery winner awards and more.Reusable-Dry-Erase-Big-Check

Custom Big Check with logosSame Day Sign has a wide variety of check designs to meet your needs. Our dry erase versions can be used for multiple events and giveaways.

We have the options you need:
1. Award checks with permanent lettering and graphics including
Your Logo.
2. Giant checks with a hard backing and ones that will roll for easy shipping and transport.

3. Economical dry erase big checks that are reusable again and again!
4. Indoor and outdoor models (dry erase only available for indoor use).

A presentation check is ideal for Charities. Same Day Sign has full-color models with a dry erase laminate, our popular dry erase white board models or the economical single-use check model. They are marketing gold.
Big Checks for Presentations


Theme and Specific Organization/Charity Options:
We have many themed versions to choose from including vacations, tennis tournaments, gambling, lottery, poker, golf tournaments, patriotic, US flag, Checks with LogosLow cost rollable single use big checkseasons and pets. We do thousands of checks for businesses and charity organizations. Churches are frequent customers as well as Rotary, YMCA, Kiwanis and Lions Club.

Happy Customer Quote:
"Back again for another order. Seems as though everyone in the organization wants them!"
B. Johnston- actual customer

Request a Check Proof


Dry Erase Markers
Not all dry erase markers wipe off with the same ease. For example, we have found within the brand Expo the Low Oder model works well while the normal Expo model performs poorly. Markers can get old and go bad and markers can work on one kind of dry erase surface and not on others.
The bottom line:
Test your marker in a small area to make sure it works. If it does not work, replace the marker.